Introducing Instaddy: The Lead Generation Service for Real Estate Agents Created by a Real Estate Agent and Broker

Introducing Instaddy: The Lead Generation Service for Real Estate Agents Created by a Real Estate Agent and Broker

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In real estate, the term “lead generation” can get a bad rap thanks to the many services who promise leads without the knowledge and understanding of real estate advertising. That’s why Juan Gabriel Molina took it upon himself to come up with a solution. As a real estate agent and broker himself, with a vast background in developing and strategizing for multiple real estate startups, he launched Instaddy to be the marketing and lead generation service solution for real estate agents. 

How Instaddy Works

Whether agents are looking to advertise a current listing or are looking to promote their business, Instaddy offers fully automated lead generation, taking the guesswork out of how to run and manage ads on Facebook and Instagram. Users simply select an ad template from the extensive ad template library that they wish to use and can launch a lead generation campaign in seconds with just two clicks. All of the ad copy, images, and targeting will be automatically included in the campaign. 

Instaddy is incredibly user-friendly and makes the entire process automated and simple from start to finish – no marketing agency or advertising courses required. Simply select an ad and Instaddy takes over from there. 

Taking the Next Step for High-Quality Leads

With typical lead generation services, agents may receive an email with information like a name, phone number and email address of a potential lead. More often than not, those leads aren’t even lukewarm. Instaddy, however, doesn’t just generate that information alone, but goes a step further by screening leads with up to ten additional qualifying questions, with at least 30% of leads offering additional optimized qualifying data. This data helps agents to instantly suss out the most ready and able buyers and sellers, saving time and energy.

Additionally, Instaddy automatically books appointments with potential leads by asking for a specific date and time that the lead will want to speak with the agent. Agents are able to integrate Instaddy with their favorite CRM or app for follow-up, nurture and conversion touches. 

How to Get Started

Instaddy and Realty Times are partnering to offer agents a free, no-hassle 10-day trial to prove that their services are unlike the rest. To get started, there’s no need to provide your credit card details upfront – simply register here. For any questions, feel free to contact the Instaddy team through their contact form.

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