Prime real estate: The best study-spots on campus

Prime real estate: The best study-spots on campus

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College is a time to figure out what your preferences are and many students quickly search for the best study spots on campus outside of the library.

At the U, there are plenty of locations for students to change up their scenery and get work done.

Couches and tables available for
use on the third floor of the
Shalala Student Center on July 9,
2022. Photo credit: Dan Snitzer

Shalala Student Center

As one of the most popular study spots on campus, the student center is usually crowded throughout the day if you are looking for an energetic environment. If you make your way up to the third floor, it is often less crowded than the first two floors and there are lounge areas with couches and coffee tables if you have a group to study with. If you want a breath of fresh air, you can head right outside to the balcony where there are additional chairs overlooking Lake Osceola.

The student center is definitely a more social study spot for those who need background noise to be productive. However, if the Shalala Center is your study spot of choice and you’re looking for something a little quieter, check out the study lounge on the first floor.

School of Law courtyard

To the untrained eye, this courtyard in the middle of the School of Law, is almost indecipherable from the building that surrounds it. However, once you make your way through an entrance, there is an oasis of perfect study space.

The courtyard has plenty of tables with power outlets and a fountain complimented by the campus cats who prowl around the area. When the law students are in class the courtyard is peaceful, but bustling when they get out.

As an added bonus, the Einstein Bros. Bagels is located adjacent to the courtyard, making it easy to grab a coffee or sesame bagel for a mid-study session pick-me-up.

Communication International Building terrace

If you are looking for a more secluded spot to get away from the swarms of people on campus during the day while still getting to enjoy the weather, the terrace in the Communication International Building is a good place to duck away to.

The terrace has a few tables and is usually a quiet get away, making it a great spot to get some work done in-between classes or have a quick lunch.

The terrace entrance is on the third floor of the Communication Intl. Building in the School of Communication.

The gliders outside of Lakeside Village are another great study spots for UM students.
The gliders outside of Lakeside Village are another great study spots for UM students. Photo credit: Dan Snitzer

Stubblefield Building, Herbert Business School

Though an unlikely study spot for students outside of the business school, the Stubblefield Building is a spot worth checking out to get away from bad weather or distraction while trying to study on campus. The quiet and dark wooden tables give the setting dark academia-esque and make it the perfect place for someone trying to give their study session a theme.

Tables outside Shalala Student Center

When weather permits, UM students love to sit outside in-between classes. This explains why one of the white tables outside the Shalala Student Center are so hard to grab when campus is busy; these tables are shaded from the sun, right in the middle of the mid-day action on campus. By 10 a.m. on any weekday you have to fight for one of these coveted tables.

Outside of rush hour, these tables make for a peaceful outdoor spot without being too secluded. The view overlooking the Cobb Fountain and Lake Osceola doesn’t hurt either.

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