The Value Of Using The Services Of A Buyer’s Real Estate Agent

The Value Of Using The Services Of A Buyer’s Real Estate Agent

Roger Pettingell Sarasota Real Estate

Buying a home is one of the biggest life decisions a
person can make. It can be overwhelming to look for
properties, hone down options, and calculate bond costs.
Making an offer to purchase and negotiating a deal can also
be intimidating, especially if only the seller has an agent
representing them. To make the process a lot more pleasant,
first-time buyers should strongly consider employing the
services of a qualified real estate agent who can represent
their interests and offer valuable input from the beginning
to the end of the process.

The key, though, is to find
a good buyer’s agent. Unfortunately, there are agents in
operation who simply show up for their commission and do
little else in the way of offering their clients valuable
services. To avoid wasting time with such agents, a good
first port of call is to use a free service like AgentIQ
to run a comparison of agents operating in the desired
purchasing area(s) to find out which are worth their salt in
terms of sales, experience, and specialist

From there, it’s possible to hire the
best agent for the job by interviewing a shortlist of
candidates and determining how effective each is at
communicating, how well they understand the nuances of a
particular area and market, their network and access to
suitable housing options, and the degree to which they
appreciate architecture and how honest they are in pointing
out faults in structure and design.

By utilising the
services of a qualified buyer’s agent, buyers are more
likely to be happy with the final purchase price, are less
likely to invest in a property that ultimately is nothing
more than a money pit, and will become more empowered to
make good property purchasing decisions in the

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