Real Estate Firm Set To Construct 500 Houses In Lagos

Real Estate Firm Set To Construct 500 Houses In Lagos

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Bright Sekoni, the Chief Executive Officer of Audacia Prime Realty Limited, has reaffirmed the company’s promise to construct more than 500 houses in Lagos and elsewhere over the next five years, with plans to expand to other African nations.

Sekoni reportedly made this statement at a gathering in Lagos honouring the 40 Under 40 CEOs in Nigeria, where he was also given a recognition award.

According to the release, Sekoni’s accomplishments in corporate leadership and influence on the Nigerian economy qualified him for the honour.

Speaking about the honour, Sekoni expressed gratitude for the acknowledgement of his entrepreneurial achievements and attempts to improve his field of endeavour.

He said, “I am working personally to build a sales group in my company that will comprise talented youths and teach them how to sell real estate, for free. I have seen that if I am able to provide a solution like this, I will be able to help a lot of unemployed youths and graduates who are just sitting at home waiting for the government to do something for them. If I can teach them how to sell, I am sure they will be able to sell real estate and liberate themselves from poverty.”

Sekoni applauded the organisers’ initiative and charged them to do more as it would help drive more youths to be better entrepreneurs and business owners.

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