North Hills real estate transactions for the week of July 17, 2022

North Hills real estate transactions for the week of July 17, 2022

Roger Pettingell Sarasota Real Estate


EDJY Property Services Inc. sold property at 32 Bridge St. to Joan Jefferson LLC for $240,000.

James Nordin sold property at 39 Prospect St. to J & K Homes Inc. for $36,900.

Franklin Park

George Basara sold property at 1512 King Charles Drive to Elizabeth Wiese for $465,000.

Russell Gourley III sold property at Nicholson Road to Allegheny Land Trust for $60,000.


Cynthia Fischer sold property at 4705 Magnus Drive to Adina Ann Davis for $346,000.

iPlanGroup Agent Cust FBO Archie A Isher sold property at 2783 McCully Road to Lawrence Stolz for $625,000.

Hampton Development Co. LLC sold property at 4331 Muirfield Drive to Luke Philip and Laura Elias for $100,000.


Family Resources sold property at 1100 Freeport Road to Freeport LLC for $4,825,000.

Felix Sciullo trustee sold property at 122 Windgate Drive to Kevin Gordon Jr. and Danielle Gordon for $369,900.


Adam Stone sold property at 9752 Lindsay Road to Bradley and Ellen Baker for $320,000.

Herbert Dodd sold property at 385 Old Babcock Trl to Jason Graney and Wendelin Burgess for $650,000.

Matthew Schmitt sold property at 8640 Remington Drive to Brad Trylko for $230,000.

Landevco L.P. sold property at Rinaman Road to Bicri LLC for $638,500.


Jay Cwynar trustee sold property at 115 Cherrydale Court to Shane and Lauren Lester for $483,500.

NVR Inc. sold property at 194 Dana Drive to Lisa Anne Deblasio for $389,590.

NVR Inc. sold property at 196 Dana Drive to Bryan Glenn Hinds and Linda Louise Yon for $423,275.

Leslie Road Assoc. LLC sold property at 199-209 Dana Drive to NVR Inc. for $420,000.

FAC Nebo Pads LLC sold property at Green Valley Road to Nebo Restaurant Holdings LLC for $850,000.

Raymond Wohl sold property at 906 Sonie Drive to Jason Joshua Roeback for $210,000.


Terrence Kyle sold property at 642 Baur Drive to Alex John and Marina Giallonardo for $330,000.

James Boyd sold property at 140 Killarney Road to Karan Ashok and Gesu Srivastava for $347,000.

David Skeehan sold property at 2064 Old State Road to Brandon Richard and Samantha Marie Hall for $689,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 3017 Spruce Road to Naga Jyothi Kesineni and Sri Harsha Muppaneni for $220,000.

CG Master GP LLC sold property at 3033 Spruce Road to NVR Inc. for $140,000.

CG Master GP LLC sold property at 5004 Spruce Road to Niraj Agarwalla and Preeti Soi for $214,000.

Mark Nowak sold property at 2011 W Grove Drive to Michael Scott for $799,900.


Thomas Brestensky sold property at 2762 Mt. Troy Road to Tyler Hregdovic for $75,000.


Daniel Dannenmueller sold property at 109 Fifth Ave. to Thomas Alan Guidi and Kevin Richard Orzechowski for $290,000.

Patrick Donley sold property at 107 Elm Road to Robert Brown for $245,000.

Donald Cox Jr. sold property at 118 Konzier Drive to Myla Antoinette Azofeifa for $300,000.

Michael Murphy sold property at 4897 Lucerne Ave. to Mark Wayne Scheller Jr. and Amanda Jo McCoy Gaertner for $237,000.

Jill Dejohn sold property at 404 Neola Circle to Jason Edward and Stephanie Lyn Moore trustee for $315,000.

Corey Hartley sold property at 154 Rossmor Court to Joseph Brungo for $192,000.

William Congalton sold property at 219 Thompson Run Road to Purple Rock Rentals LLC for $155,000.

Daniel Virgin sold property at 100 Valleyvale Drive to Brandan Moretton and Gina Valotta for $280,000.

Bradley Cavanagh sold property at 12 Winslow Drive to Michelle Kelly for $315,500.


Shannon Tomaszewski sold property at 811 Alexander St. to Jason Klinefelter and Emily Abt for $107,022.

Desmond Brown sold property at 190 Alma St. to Lauren Elizabeth and Kaitlyn Marie Hedderman for $275,000.

Nancy Irvine sold property at 1636 Anderson Road to Long Nguyen for $225,000.

Jason Graney sold property at 120 Barbour Drive to Sebastian and Melissa Estrada for $385,000.

James Murphy sold property at 3305 Mt. Royal Blvd. to Meaghan Bakey and Melissa Ferranti for $224,000.

George Neiman sold property at 142 Ridgeview Circle to Michael and Amy Johnston for $523,000.

Ryan Hutzler sold property at 2806 Rollins Drive to Joseph and Joyce Ann Afflerbach for $317,500.

Cjristopher Paul Sandoval sold property at 197 Washington St. to Hampton Shaler Water Authority for $267,000.

Mary Pack sold property at 1013 Wible Run Road to Christopher Robin Baublitz and Savanna Coffman for $243,000.

Jerome Carl Kitterly sold property at 1616 Zeuger St. to Zachery and Jessica Mankowski for $286,003.

West Deer

Curtis Gaul sold property at 26 Magill Drive to Cassandra Berteotti for $225,000.

John Sofko sold property at 232 Mountain View Road to Brian Koble et al. and Thomas Nagy for $17,083.

West View

Steven Magill sold property at 123 Stanford Ave. to Todd Ridenour and Patricia Cloonan for $242,000.

Urban Capital LLC sold property at 352-354 Stanford Ave. to Casimir Joseph Kurpiewski for $156,700.

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