Letter: Valley’s Edge will help real estate cycle

Letter: Valley’s Edge will help real estate cycle

Roger Pettingell Sarasota Real Estate

I am writing this letter in favor of Valley’s Edge development project.

My husband and I bought our first home in Chico over 40 years ago. It was a small, entry level property. We worked hard, saved our money, earned some equity and bought a bigger better house. Then we did it again and again until we could finally afford the dream home.

Everyone complains that Chico needs more housing. Valley’s Edge is trying to do just that. Current Chico homeowners can’t sell and move up because there is nowhere to go.

Once Valley’s Edge homes become available, Chico homeowners can sell their current properties and buy at Valley’s Edge. This will create available homes at many different price ranges, for all levels of buyers.  It is how the real estate cycle works.

Please know that  Bill Brouhard is an excellent, thoughtful developer. He is a Chico guy. He has the best intentions for the Valley’s Edge project and the community of Chico. His visions are family oriented. They include parks, walking and biking paths, recreation and a bit of commercial touches. His concerns are to keep the growth beautiful, modern and usable. Growth is inevitable for Chico and everywhere. We should be grateful we have a developer that is doing a housing project with foresight, care and elegance. I appreciate Bill Brouhard’s work and planning.

Valley’s Edge will be a lovely addition to the community.

— Kym Campbell, Chico

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