Real estate transfers

Real estate transfers

Roger Pettingell Sarasota Real Estate

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.

Cassidy Wade to Halla Ortery and Kelvin Silva, 2818 Redfield St., $245,000

Stanley Servais to Barbara Mussman, N2004 Clements Road

Katherine Rudolph to Samuel Wieser, 537 Hinkley Road, $125,000

Doris and Michael Motte to Richard Vanpelt, 1427 Hyde Ave., $210,000

Janice Wiebusch Revocable Trust to Cavalier Properties, 727 Fourth St. S., $174,900

Melissa Miller to Aaron Gillespie, 2236 Loomis St., $154,000

La Crosse Rentals to April Polus, 1714 Market St., $139,000

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Alyssa and Daniel Liska to Andrew and Nina Bradley, 2604 Hackberry Lane, $285,000

Ramon and Renee Aspenson to Path Investments, 500 block St. Andrew St. apartments, $410,000

Ione Ross to Kristin Freedlund, 4109 Riverview Drive, $180,000

Philip Small to Cheryl Drangstveit and Philip Small, 2322 Ferry St., $72,800

La Crosse Rentals to Preferred Properties, 1411 Winnebago St., $110,000

Kelly and Matthew Diehl to Brian and Kera Kumm-Schaley, 1244 Denton St., $255,000

Property Preservation to Wellness Retreats, W5538 County Road OS, $324,900

Barbara and Jerrold Jerue to David and Jennifer Powell, 1332 Fourth Ave. N., $410,000

Denise and John Edmunds to Barbara and Jerrold Jerue, N4515 Marcou Road, $330,000

Matthew Haese, Joanna and Toby Thomack to John and Nancy Haese, N5415 Abbey Road

Donald and Patricia Remus to Jason and Kayla Brown, W7393 County Road ZN, $360,000

Donna and Russell Flower to John Sheppard Properties, 1025, 1213, 737 Oak Ave. S., $485,000

Mary VInson to David Deters Jr and Keely Schara, W8085 Fairview St., $230,000

Peggy and Richard Vogel to George and Shirley Alexander Revocable Trust, 2245 Quarry Lane, $628,000

Bryan Bartel and Beth Cress to Paul and Sandra Bartel, 711 Maple Shade Drive

Shawn Daigle to Nicholas Slusser, 803 Deerfield St., $325,000

Elmwood Corp/Partners to Choice Construction, 710 Silver Drive, 1220 Crockett Drive, $59,900

Tonia Wright to Brian and Erin Knutson, 1939 Hudson St., $371,120

Rox Investments to Braund St. LLC, 1805 Granary St., $216,000

Kelly and Michael Garson to Peter Daniels and Jodie Reynolds, 915 Packer Drive, $362,000

Shannon Carey to Kelly and Michael Garson, N6890 Sand Prairie Court, $469,000

West Salem

Aben Properties to Brian and Teresa Newton Living Trust, W2862 Shorewood Court, $625,000

Eric Manke to Kahtan Al-Kaissy and Alyssa Freybler, N4891, N4893 Shorewood Circle, $339,900

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