The entrepreneur who believes that real estate should be about “bringing ’em back home”

The entrepreneur who believes that real estate should be about “bringing ’em back home”

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Kolkata based young entrepreneur Tamim Akhtar is a well balanced personality and that is one of the greatest qualities of a good leader. Having been interested in the real estate industry, he started to be involved in it since when he was pretty young. As soon as he got involved into it, he realized that this is an industry that needs some changes in the old odd puzzled techniques has to come back to the mainstream and transparency.

He believes that bringing such a business back to Main stream entrepreneurship has two aspects – a softer side for the more intricate matters and a sorted, more confrontational side for when it is necessary – which explains his sheer interest in his hobbies. A flora and fauna lover with an intricate taste in aesthetics and an MMA Practitioner on the other hand – Tamim has all the positive conflicts in his personality that is needed to be the leader he is. Though not very keen in conventional academics, he was always a quick picker of knowledge when he felt it was necessary.

Being brought up a by a strong hearted mother and a philanthropist father taught him the necessary skills and gave him a free and logical outlook for the society. It taught him the value of empathy and non judgemental reasoning.

Tamim understood that the best kind of learning is self learning, the best kind of plans are driven by instincts, and the best kind of mass management comes from the quality of attachment to people and being grounded to your roots.

It is interesting how a Bachelor of Computer Applications decided to apply the reasoning and algorithms to a not so mainstream industry and diverted it to one that is more relatable among the youths.

Starting his career as a real estate investor under the banner Tamim Constructions and Estate Management in land / units / property acquisition, mortgage and wholeselling. How one applies technical knowledge into a domain that is so public and humane decides how that industry flourishes later on and brings the best Return on Investment.

He has always believed in the efficiency of a administration and having been inherited those qualities he has learnt using them for a bigger purpose. He had to go through difficulties during the process that is unimaginable. One always has to face some tremors when they are trying to innovate something ground breaking and he was not hesitant to go through all that.

Being born and brought up in a metro city and visiting so many he always knew that these cities encourageing the pot boiler culture have exchanges of foot falls and dreams and that excited him a lot.

He later on decided to diversify his business into two segments that solved two modern housing and accommodation issues – and created Ivy Nests Apartment – a serviced rental accommodation / homestay brand and later on an asset management and security technology solutions brand Safebox Technology.

It is said that – “What does not kill you, makes you stronger.” But they never say that it almost kills you and in this process of survival you learn to become a stronger and a more analytical human being. And as the founder himself says that Ruby’s son was never scared of facing the music and turn it into an opera.

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