For this CEO, concerts and real estate make sweet music

For this CEO, concerts and real estate make sweet music

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Salman Ahmed organises 75-100 countries in 15-25 countries and from ‘Vancouver to Sydney’.
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Dubai: Mixing entertainment with selling property in Dubai is a natural fit – that’s the way Salman Ahmed sees it. He is the founder of PME Entertainment and of Burj Mayfair Real Estate, a brokerage firm.

PME Entertainment is where Ahmed found his feet, as an organizer of concerts, not just in the UAE but a roster of shows in the US, Canada, and elsewhere. “We do about 75-100 shows a year in 15-20 countries – from Vancouver to Sydney,” said Ahmed, who has been in the entertainment space for 30 plus years. “And apart from the entertainment element, we found these could be great platforms to market real estate and developers in Dubai.”

That’s also the point where the real estate – and specifically property in Dubai – comes into the frame, with Burj Mayfair. For developers, these concerts offer a chance to connect with a potential new buyer base, especially when the concerts are held overseas. According to market sources, a younger demographic of buyers are scouting for suitable investments into local real estate.

So, the best way then is to keep the vibe going is give developers a chance to splash their brands across concert venues. On its part, Burj Mayfair goes the extra mile.

“We give potential buyers stays at the Taj Exotica on the Palm,” said Ahmed, who was among the first to announce concerts once Dubai opened up in full after the Covid break in 2020. “Plus, we host them in our owned apartments when they come down to Dubai to scout for the property. We do the chauffeuring through our own fleet, and it’s about doing everything possible to help them make up their mind.

“If they end up buying, they will get 12 months’ access to our concerts.”

And the developers pay up as well? For the concert exposure?

“They don’t – our revenues are generated when the potential buyer ends up picking up one of the properties in the portfolio,” said Ahmed.

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