Fox Chapel area real estate transactions for the week of July 3, 2022

Fox Chapel area real estate transactions for the week of July 3, 2022

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Vladimir Prudchenko sold property at 408 Brilliant Ave. to First National Trust Co. Tr for $340,000.

Anna Marie Smith sold property at 412 Brilliant Ave. to Jacqueline Bell for $370,000.


William Evans sold property at 28 Greeley Ave. to Charles Wynn for $193,000.

Sara Joan Palka sold property at 49-53 Vilsack St. to Daniel Thomas Seel for $64,750.

Dean Crystaloski sold property at 44 Wilson St. to Tyler Martin for $100,000.

Fox Chapel

Sumant Lall sold property at 409 Jamesborough Drive to Adam and Michelle Resnick for $760,000.


Mark Tomko sold property at 545 Hite Road to 3 Rivers Realty Holdings LLC for $175,250.


Kenneth Perkowski sold property at 135 Berryhill Road to Robert and Angela Fackler for $115,000.

Lisa Wilt sold property at 705 Dorseyville Road to David and Tonya Rike for $189,500.

Michael Francis Walters Jr. sold property at 157 Little Deer Creek Road to Joseph Heller for $75,000.

Ivory L.P. sold property at 13 Strohm Drive to Socorro Holdings 2 LLC for $130,000.


Ajax 2018-B Reo LLC sold property at 212 Kirkwood Drive to Homestead Horizons LLC for $115,000.

Gilbert John Damico sold property at 1539 Powers Run Road to Zanhe Zhang and Grace Park for $265,000.

Jacqueline Bell sold property at 402 Valleyview Drive to Adam and Amanda Troup for $289,000.

SFR3-000 LLC sold property at 117 Woodland Ave. to Peter Monteverde for $177,000.


Advanced Sewing Technologies Corp. sold property at 210 Penn St. to Arthur Kleitz Jr. and Matthew Kleitz for $203,900.

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